What are the top 15 Electrical Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

Too many people are getting injured as a result of electricity related incidents despite being aware of the need for caution. Licensed master electrician has summarised 15 of the most common electrical mistakes that need to be avoided for the safety of your home or your business.

Compromising Safety In An Attempt To Cut Costs

1 Cheap Electrical Accessories

2 Stuffing Electrical Boxes With More Wires

3 Un Authorised Cable

4 Mixing Line Voltage And Load Voltage Cables

Improper Workplace Practices

5 Improper Fixing of Outlets

6 Unprotected Cables

7 Exposing Boxes to Combustible Material

8 Ignoring the Need to De-Energise Downstream Equipment

Inadequate Professional Knowledge

9 Wrong Connection to Neutral Terminal

10 Wrong Circuit Protection

11 Failure to Heed Boundary Warnings

12 Mismatching Wire Size

Short Cuts In Installation Procedure

13 Leaving Wires Unsecured Without Connectors

14 Installation Without Adequate Earthing

15 Connecting New Fixtures To Old Connections

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