What to do to help a victim of Electric Shock?


Always disconnect the power supply first. Only touch the victim after making sure the power supply is turned off. Remember to be very extra careful in wet areas, like bathrooms. Water conducts electricity. If you can turn the power supply from the whole building just to be absolutely sure, then do it. 

First Aid: 

1.  Check if the person is conscious or not, if he is breathing and can respond to your command. If not, commence cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

2. Call the emergency number (911 or 000) for help. 

3. The person is considered responsive if he is breathing. Attend to his injuries. 

4. Cool the burns with running water for 20 minutes and cover with dressing, preferrably the dressing that won't stick.

5. Never use ointments or oils onto burns. 

6. If the person has fallen from a height, do not move them unnecessarily. 
Move the person if there is a chance of further danger around the place. 

7. Talk calmly and assure the person he's going to be alright. 

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