What causes Electric Shock?

Sometimes, it is inevitable that electric shocks could happen to anyone. It is important to know what could cause it and how to prevent it. Listed below are the causes of electric shock. Some of the causes include faulty appliances, damaged or open cords and extension leads. Electrical applicances that are in contact with water is also one of the most common. Deteriorated or incorrect household wiring and downed powerlines. And do not forget the lightning strike. 

Now that we know what causes electric shock, we need to remember a few things; the human body conducts electricity. Turn off the power supply before helping someone. Always consult a licensed electrician for all wiring jobs. Electrical shock can have long-term or even deadly consequences if it ultimately results in electrocution. Treatment for electric shock should be administered by a physician who can check that no damage has been caused. Do you want to hire only a master electrician Campbelltown has in store for you? CALL us now and let us help you with your needs!