Warning: High price to pay for using cash tradies

Master Electricians Australia has sent out a warning of a penalty for using tradies who charge cash. It has been advised to only use a fully licensed, insured and accredited tradesman will issue a receipt for work done. 

Just recently, the Australian Tax Commissioner, Chris Jordan, has issued an impassioned plea to Australians to stop paying tradespeople cash, claiming that it was ripping billions out of the economy.

MEA CEO Malcolm Richards said that the rise of tradies charging cash as part of the black-economy poses a real risk to ordinary Australians.

“It’s vital that Australians understand that paying cash to a tradesman may see you charged slightly less, but there’s a far higher price to pay if they perform dodgy work and there’s no paper trail,” Mr Richards said.

“If you pay an unlicensed tradie cash at a cheaper rate and the electrical work turns out to be faulty, you run the real risk of being left with a hefty bill to foot, not to mention the huge safety risk to you and your family.

“Always make sure you get a receipt for any electrical work undertaken so that you’re not left without a warranty and to guarantee that the job has been done by a fully accredited sparkie who knows what they’re doing.

“Tradies that only charge cash are doing so to dodge paying tax and quite often are not properly qualified to be performing electrical work.

“Not only does this leave the taxpayer to foot the bill, but it also poses a significant safety risk to all Australians.”

Earlier this year it was revealed that unlicensed tradesmen were fraudulently using the Bunnings ABN on invoices to avoid identification and paying tax.

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