5 Tips to Avoid Electrical Fire

We have to always be careful and be knowledgeable enough when it comes to electric safety. In this article, you will find some of the ways a destructive electrical house fire can be prevented.

1. Sub-standard Wiring

Check that all faulty wires is replaced. Faulty wires can corrode and most frequently become loose in outlets and switches. This is one of the main causes of electrical fires. It is strongly advised to call a professional electrician who can inspect the wiring in your home. The inspector should be able to give valuable advise on necessary improvements to electrical safety in your home.

2. Faulty Switches and Outlets

Issues like lights that are flickering, connections that are making a buzzing sounds and sparks when entering plugs into outlets, these are extremely hazardous. We highly suggest contacting a trained and licensed electrician immediately. These issues are common causes of devastating electrical fires.

3. Old Appliances

It is strongly suggested to remove all old appliances and replace them with modern appliances that are up to the standard. These things may have frayed cords and broken or impaired plugs. They usually draw more power than modern outlets.

4. Lamps and Lights

The chance of having an electrical fire is increased when you use a bulb that exceeds the standard wattage limit. Contact a licensed master electrician today!

Lamps, often, can be made of flammable materials. If a lam is channeling too much heat, this can lead to a problem. Lamps that are made of paper are not the best choice.


5. Extension Cords

Extension cords should not be permanently used in home because you are prone to overloading them by placing too many appliances into one single cord. It is advised to refrain from doing this to avoid a potential electrical fire.


Call a master electrician in Shellharbour, to help you secure your safety in your home.