How safe are double adapters?

It is common that homes lack general purpose outlets (GPOs) or power points. Most have also been customise to grab a double adapter to provide additional power point to charge up the gadgets especially mobile phones and laptops. But it is important to know what are at risk and what problems might occur from doing so.

There are no protection features for double adapters.
The position of the double adapter may increase fire or electrocution risk.
Due to poor maintenance and incorrect use may lead to the risk of danger to you and your family.

With the increasing number of devices being used, the lack of overload protection could cause in an electrical fire. Since not many of us have real understanding of the amount of power being used by the appliances, this is not the proper way we should be making when it comes to electrical safety.

So what should we do instead?

Install additional GPOs

With the help of trusted electricians in Shellharbour, adding more power points in those areas that are regularly being used will be much safer for you and your family. Contact a licensed electrician to install your GPOs. They will guarantee the safety of your home.

Power boards

With safety overload and surge protection, power boards will prevent the risk of electrocution or fire from home.

Here are the tips you may follow to make sure you are using your power board correctly and safely.

1. Inspect the board for signs of deterioration. No dust or foreign objects should have made its way into the unused points.

2. There must have adequate ventilation around the power board when in use.

3. Never add double adapters to increase the number of points.

4. Place any extension leads and cables safely and securely. They should be arranged properly so they are not a trip hazard. Ensure the connections between power board and other electrical items remain securely fixed in place.

5. Be mindful of heavy plug-in transformers. They may become dislodged and tip over power board resulting in exposed pins.

Have a quick check of your home by calling your local master electricians to ensure you are not placing the health and safety of your family in the hands of a dodgy adapter!