What is Live-Line Working?

Recently, a new law has been made to ban live-line working. But what do they mean by that? Also known as hotline maintenance, it is the maintenance of electrical equipment that is mostly operated at high voltage while the equipment is energised.

There are methods that were developed over time in the laboratory to enable field workers to come into direct contact with high voltage lines. These methods can be applied to work safely at highest transmission voltages.


Hot stick or Live Line Tool
The electricians will use an insulating stick while working at a specified distance. Allowing the work to be performed with the worker himself safely away from the live conductors.

Insulating Gloves or Rubber Gloves
The electrician uses insulating gloves and other insulating equipment while carrying out the work in direct mechanical contact with live parts.

Barehand or Potential
While maintaining suitable isolation from the surroundings that are at different potentials, before the work starts, the worker's body is raised to the same electric potential as the live parts and being held there by electric connection.

Unearthed or De-energised
Bond or Drain earth clamp will be used to ground the line.


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