Guide to hanging pendant lights

It is important to consider the environment they're going in in order to maximise their effect. This article will give you tips for you to keep in mind when considering your lighting options.

Over a table

We recommend pendants to be hung between 75-90 centimetres over the table to give space underneath without sacrificing light quality. With the help of licensed electricians, installing a dimmer switch to softer lighting while dining is also highly suggested. For a longer table, consider multiple pendants to create an interesting focal point in the room.

Entry Hallways

Cluster them together to create a focal point in the centre of the room. Or you could also hang evenly spaced fixtures down the length of the hallway. Consider any doors and windows that open into the space to allow enough clearance height for these.

Above a Bench Top

Like over the table, ideal height for this is between 85-95 centimetres. It provides spot lighting and adding an element of interest to your kitchen. Make the fixture high enough that you are not staring directly into the light while at the bench.

In the Middle of a Room

It is best to 'anchor' the light with another piece of furniture, like coffee tables or chairs, below it. It makes a point of interest for the piece as well as allowing you to hang the pendant a lower height without creating an obstacle for someone to hit their head on.

By the side of the bed

Instead of using bedside table lamps, pendants are now preferred by most. It is a great way to add ambient lighting. Be mindful that this limits the location of the bed so be sure that the room layout is final before installing to avoid having to move the lights.

In the Bathroom

The height should be enough that it does not get in the way while leaning over the sink. Make it also low enough for visibility during shaving or applying makeup. If the pendant lighting ensure your light has been rated for damp rooms.

If you need help installing pendant light in your home, do not hesitate to give local master electricians in Illawarra a call and they will be happy to do the work for you!