Common Emergencies at Home

Broken, Leaking or Burst Hot Water System

Steps to follow when your hot water has stopped working or is leaking:

1. Turn off the cold water tap at the inlet to the hot water system.

2. At your switchboard, isolate the electricity to the system.

3. To diagnose and repair the problem, call one of the licensed electrician and plumbers in your area.

Power Outage

During or after severe weather, power outages usually occur. You should have some necessary supplies at hand such as batteries, torch and power banks.

Check to see if your neighbours are experiencing an outage too. Check your safety switches to see if they have tripped. Faulty appliance or wiring might cause the issue. During a power out, switch off all appliances and leave one light switch on to alert you when power is back. Fridges and freezers should be kept closed as long as possible.

Tripping Safety Switch

If your power or one of your appliances or electrical attachments switches off, it could be due to a safety switch being tripped. Unplug all appliances and test the safety switches. One by one, plug appliances to test the safety switch each time. It would indicate which appliance may be faulty. If it persists after all appliances are plugged in, it could be faulty wiring or switch which is causing the issue. Contact a master electrician in Wollondilly.

Broken Air Conditioner

A proper diagnosis by an air conditioning technician is needed to help solve the problem. Regular maintenance can prevent most issues with your system and keep your air conditioning's efficiency and air quality at its best.