How to Protect Your Pets From Electrical Hazards

One of the hazards in the home is your electrical, especially when you have pets. Your pets could chew the cords or your pet becomes entangled with the wires.

Things you can do to make your electricals much safer for your pet are as follows:

1. Use Good Equipment

Buy high quality power cords, extension cords, or anything else that you use for your electronics. Cheaper cords are more likely to create sparks or overheat. You can buy cords that have a bitter agent in the material to discourage your pet from chewing on it.

2. Never Leave Electrical Unattended

Heaters, fans, stand-lights and lamps are the items that we easily forget to turn off. Leaving these electrical switched on creates a potential hazard for your pet. These devices can fall over easily is running inside the house. It is a major issue if you are not home.

3. Keep Cords Away From Your Pets

Your pets could chew the cords so it is best to tie them together and placing them behind the television or computer.

4. Unplug cords when not in use

It is necessary to unplug cords when we are not using them, not only to save energy but also to keep the pets from getting electrocuted or it could start a fire without your knowledge.

5. Have An Electricity-Free Area

Make an area that's free from power outlets and cords and where you can place your pet. It would be very convenient for your when you need to leave the house leaving the pet alone in the home. If you want to know more about the article, please contact a master electrician now.

6. Train Your Pet

Teach your pet that certain areas with outlets or power cords are off limits. Most of the animals are sensitive to smell, so spraying the area with citrus juice might help make them avoid the place. Some animals are also sensitive to loud noises. Ensure that your pets also have toys to play with, in the case of animals that like to chew, make sure that they have plenty of chewing food or objects so they don't go looking for something to chow down on.

7. Consider Outdoor Electricals

Make sure that the cables are deep enough that your pet can dig safely.

If you need help with setting up wires and cables in your home, call a master electrician in Picton and they will gladly do a perfect job for you.