Is it necessary to Hire a Master Electrician?

An electrical contractor who is committed to best practice in the electrical industry is a master electrician. A customer who hires a master electrician will be given an assurance and a peace of mind that their electrician will behave in a professional manner.

Here are the reasons why hiring a Master Electrician is worthwhile.

1. They are experienced. A master electrician, a contractor must have at least three years of expeience in electrical industry.

2. They are safe. Master electricians follow safety management system and uphold high standards of training and workmanship. A master electrician passes an annual safety and quality audit. Ensuring your work complies with the Australian Standards and Statutory legislation and that the public safety is maintained.

3. They are real experts in energy efficiency. A master electrician offers a qualified energy efficiency advice to customers. The consumer will save significantly in the long term by suggesting energy efficient lighting and electrical choices. They are up-to-date with new technologies and new solutions to electrical problems.

4. They are ethical. Master electrician uphold and adhere to a code of ethics overseen by the industry's peak body. This code means an obligation to remain professional when soliciting work from potential customers.

5. They give guaranteed work. They offer a 12 month guarantee on electrical workmanship. You can engage an electrician with confidence, knowing that the standard of workmanship will be high.

6. Their credentials are verified. The peak body monitors the performance of Master Electricians and verifies their sustainability and experience for safety and compliance. Master Electricians Australia also provides training and support to contractors.

7. They are easily recognised. A master electrician is instantly recognisable by the square Master Electrician Logo on their vehicles, paperwork, and website.


Why choose Hott Electrics as your Master Electrician of choice?

Hott electrics will provide you high quality workmanship that will ensure you of your satisfaction and safety. Call a licensed master electrician in Ingleburn for your electrical needs!