6 Great Electrical Safety Tips for Children in Australia

Electricity safety is vital to parents. Our kids can become curious and have no idea how lethal electricity can be. Here are the steps that they can take to keep the home safer for your children.

1. Cover up Electrical Outlets

Kids tend to see us pulling and putting cords into them  so this tends to increase curiosity for kids. Small fingers of a child can fit into the sockets or that children may have also been known to put instruments into the power sockets.

When you are not using the outlets, it is necessary to cover them with the use of electrical covers. They can be purchased from online platforms such as amazon and Ebay and are generally affordable.

2. Make outlets Difficult to Access

If it is possible to rearrange your furniture for the children to not get an easy access to the outlet, then do it. Take care in thinking where outlets are connected to our many appliances such as gaming pad, TV's phone chargers. Make it difficult for them to reach for theses appliances on shelves and places that are higher up and out of reach from the kids.

3. Keep the cords Hidden

Most of the time, children will run across the house to play. Make sure that the floor is clear from any hazard such as wires.

4. Beware of the Kitchen and Keep Appliances Stable

Never leave food cooking if unattended. Some children have been known to climb up chairs and stools, giving them access to potentially harmful exposure. Keep chairs and stools in places where children cannot use them as ladders.

Their hands can also be trapped if they can reach under refrigerators. Block the entrances so tiny hands will not get caught.

5. Be on Guard

Stay aware and alert for potential harm. If there is an outlet that makes a sound or buzz that it shouldn't, call your local electrician in Narellan to come and fix the issue immediately. If you have damaged power cords, these should be replaced right away. We suggest strongly on making a child safe environment when it comes to electricity.

6. Education

Educate your kids on electricity as soon as you think they can understand. We need to teach our kids about what they should and should not touch.


If you would like any other information on electrical issues or if you have any concerns about the electrical safety of your home, give our master electrician a call and we will be happy to help you with your need.