Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fan are cost efficient and a straightforward way to improve cooling and or heating. Having a ceiling fan will greatly help stretch your budget with heating and cooling expenses because of small levels of electricity it uses by itself.

A lot of fans employ as much or less electricity versus the light fixtures they will replace. But this does not mean it's not necessary to double check to make certain. One must run a completely new switch wire for power when there is not a fixture to replace. You might tap into a pre-existing circuit to make this happen or run a new line from a safety switch in your homes houses main switchboard.

One issue that needs to be addressed is the blade clearance. Most fans will be 7-10 inches below the highest point of the roof. Use this figures when determining the proper height. Try to keep 8 to 10 inches below ceiling for good airflow.

Make sure you use a fully licensed and insured licensed electrician 

If you need help with ceiling fan installation, a master electrician in Picton is ready to help you!