How to Avoid an Overload in your power points

When you use and exceed the maximum amperage of electrical circuit, you will experience a power point overload. Power point overload is caused by running appliances that draw high amps at the same time or plugging too many appliances into the one power point. A short circuit or fire could result from an overload. Consult a licensed electrician to check your electric circuit.

Having too many appliances

Use only one or two appliances at a time. Turn appliances off or unplug them when not in use. Have a master electrician in your area to install another power point in the room to avoid an overload.

High Amp Appliances

There are some appliances that draw more amps than others such as an electric kettle, mixers, toasters, blenders and other power-hungry devices. You should use these appliances one at a time.

Overload Protection

The two main devices that are designed to cut the power to particular circuit when their amperage has been exceeded. are:


These are creamic holders which contains thin strips of wire. The wires are designed to melt when too much current passes through them. These are dangerous and we strongly recommend getting them replaced with RCBO safety switches

Circuit Breakers

The circuit breaker has highly sensitive switches that will be activated when too much current passes through them, causing them to "trip" and break the circuit.

Have a master electrician in Ingleburn inspect your wiring because when electricity is involved, small faults left unrectified can turn into very dangerous problems in an instant.