How to Add Safer Power Boards to Your Home

Most homes especially the older homes only have one or two electrical outlets per room. Power boards are used to accommodate the myriad of electrical appliances used everyday by average family. Here are some types and features offered by each:

Generic Power Board

These are basic power boards that you can buy under $10 which provide outlets to plug your appliances into. They have no surge protection and are just merely an extension of wall outlet.


Power boards with surge protectors

The next level up is a power board with a built-in surge protector. These power boards can be bought for $30, more or less. The surge protector is often a simple metal oxide varistor (MOV) that diverts current to earth when a power surge occurs. MOV surge protectors degrade fairly rapidly each time a surge is diverted, so the board will need to be replaced after a while (the tell-tale signs of a burnt out MOV are black or brown scorch marks on the board). If you want to install power boards in your home, call a licensed electrician in Ingleburn.

Power boards with insurance

There are also surge-protected power boards that come with insurance cover, guaranteeing replacement of your appliance if it is damaged or destroyed by a power surge. Obviously you will pay more for such power boards. They are priced anywhere between $50 and $100, depending on the features offered. The terms of coverage will vary with the insurer.

Safest power boards

While surge-protected power boards offer a certain level of safety, the safest power boards of all are those which have all the bells and whistles. In Australia the oldest and most reliable brands such as Clipsal and HPM both have a range of power boards to suit your needs and your budget. Features in their top-end boards include surge protection, child-safety features and even safety switches (RCDs). Obviously you will pay a little more for such power boards, but if safety is your priority, then they are well worth the money.

If you want to know more about power boards, do not hesitate and call our master electrician.