Going Green: 3 ways to reduce Energy Costs and Emissions

Reducing the amount of energy your home uses will not only lower your electricity bill but also reduces the amount of emissions your family is responsible for spreading into the environment. Let's take a look at how solar panels, LED technology and simple household habits can reduce your home's electricity bill and emissions.


First thing you need to do is to pay attention to your appliances. All household appliances that are not used must be turned off. Even in stand-by mode, the appliances such as televisions, computers, microwaves, and washing machine must be pulled off from the plug. Using of Energy star products is also highly recommended to maximise your energy savings. You can learn more about Energy star products by contacting our master electrician.

Heating and cooling is responsible for roughly 40% of Australia's household energy use according to a 2015 study conducted by the Australian government. Australia's MEPS (minimum energy performance standards) have reduced the impact of heating and cooling on energy emission and electrical bills. Air conditioners, close control air conditioners and building chillers are regulated by the E3 program. Homeowners who are interested in long term savings and emissions reduction should consider switching to solar powered heating systems and improving the insulation in their home. Learn about sustainable cooling and heating practices with one our our local electrician in Kiama.

Improve your lighting by swapping your existing light bulbs with something more energy efficient. CFL bulbs are known for their ability to reduce emissions and save energy but they are manufactured with toxic mercury that is detrimental to the environment. Consider switching to bulbs powered by LED technology to reduce your energy usage without harming the environment.