Things to know about safety switch

We already know that safety switches protect residents from dangerous electrical accidents.  They have potentially prevented thousands of electrical injuries since they were introduced into Australian homes in the 90's.

1. Safety switches detect a loss of electrical current associated with a leak and cut the electrical supply.

2. Most homes have one safety switch on the power point circuit. Electricians recommend installing safety switches on every electrical circuit in the home for full protection against electrical accidents.

3. The safety switch activates in around 0.0003 seconds. Faster than the critical section of a heartbeat.

4. Faulty appliances can cause the safety switch to trip seemingly randomly.

5. When the safety switch trips, turn off and unplug all appliances. Do not forget the fridge, washing machine, and TV.

6. Unplug all outdoor appliances including sprinkler timers, fairy lights, and power tools.

7. Reset the safety switch. Plug appliances back in one at a time. The safety switch will usually re-trip when the faulty appliance is turned on.

8. If the safety switch fails to reset once all appliances are unplugged, the electrical problem may be more involved. Call an electrician to check the safety switch and wiring.

It is also important to remember to never use a faulty appliance until it has been checked and repaired by a qualified electrician in Mount Annan.

If you are having trouble with your safety switch tripping, contact our master electrician anytime on +61 401 036 355 .