Steps to Fire-Proof Your Home

One of your primary concerns is protecting your home and keeping your family safe. By taking a few simple preventative measures, you can prevent a possible fire accident around your home.

Smoke Alarms

If any smoke is detected, smoke alarms will instantly alert you. It is strongly recommended to use the most effective smoke detectors which are wired into the mains electricity and not reliant on battery power. If you do opt for battery-powered smoke alarms, make sure you check the battery regularly and don't put off replacing them when necessary

Electrical Sockets

9 out of 10 accidental house fires are caused by electrical appliances. Overloaded plugs often occur especially when using appliances that use lots of electricity are a particular hazard. Switch off any sockets when they’re not being used. Get your appliances checked by a master electrician to assure your family's safety.

High Standards

The quality of your appliances also plays a role in safety. This doesn’t automatically equate to more expensive appliances but rather, taking the time to do your research and finding the ones that meet high safety standards will pose a lesser threat to your home and family. If you need help in choosing the right appliances, talk to a licensed electrician in Picton.

Electrical Heaters

Ensure any electrical heaters are a safe distance from curtains and clothes. Most of all, remember to make sure they’re switched off when you leave the house.

Cosy Candles

Most of us love the atmospheric light of a candle, however, if left unattended these can present a major fire risk. Avoid leaving candles with unsupervised children or pets and never use candles in bedrooms to eliminate risk of falling asleep with one lit.

Fire-Proof Furniture

It’s a quick action that you can take to protect your furniture against fire. After using a flame resistant spray on your household furniture, you can put your feet up .

Tumble Driers

Most of us never get around to it but cleaning out the lint tray in your drier is an easy step you can take to prevent it becoming clogged, overheating and possibly causing a fire.

Call Pest Control

Mice and rats will eat through electrical cabling both inside and outside your house. Give your pest person a call so that they can replace all damaged wiring.