Dangers Of Halogen Down Lights

A lot of people still have halogen downlights in their home nowadays. These downlights are commonly used types of light bulbs in homes. But, many do not know the dangers of halogen downlights.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to change your old halogen downlights.

1. Potential Burns

Because of how they are built, halogen downlights burn hotter than similar downlights. These bulbs have smaller surface to work with which makes them concentrate the heat on one point when left on for several hours. Avoid touching it when you left it on for several hours. Make sure that small children cannot reach them when they are turned on to avoid burns. Touching it (when it is turned on) can cause serious burns and injuries to the skin.


2. Sunburn

Researchers have shown that halogen downlights cause sunburn to those who sit directly beneath these lights for too long. They emit high levels of UV rays when they are turned on which as a result ten to cause irritation of the skin and sunburn.


3. Fire Hazard

Halogen downlights are known to cause fire in most cases. This is the result of it burning hotter than similar LED or incandescent downlights. For some time, halogen downlights cause a fire when they come into a contact with the wrong surface. These downlights will have short-circuited and melted wires which can turn any roof space into a raging fire at any moment as a result of high temperatures.


4. Glass

These downlights have high-pressure gas which expands when used for several hours and shatters the glass presenting its user to a glass hazard. When it breaks or explodes, the emitted pieces of glass could potentially result in a very dangerous situation. If anyone accidentally steps on one piece, the glass could cut them severely. Ensure that you are very keen and observant of any breakages to avoid injuries or replacing them with the better alternatives like LED.


As you already know, above are some of the dangers of using halogen downlights. These are the reasons why you should seriously consider replacing your halogen downlights with better alternatives such as LED. The initial cost of replacing your halogen downlights may seem high but you will discover that LED lights last longer, brighter, consume less power and produces less heat. Replacing your halogen downlights with LED ones will save you a lot.

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