9 Common Electrical Problems Around The Home

 Safety is the most important factor when it comes to household electrics. Problems may occur because of flickering lights, damaged cables or appliances and high bills. This article will identify the problems and will let you know whats the most appropriate solution.

1. Frequent electrical surges

Frequent electrical surges may be caused by an electrical device connected to the home grid or wiring itself. Removing any cheap-made power boards or devices from the outlet may prevent the surges. If the electrical surges still continue, you may need to call a local master electrician in Wollongong.

2. Sags and Dips in Power

It can often be attributed to devices connected to your power grid that are faulty or made with substandard materials. It draws a lot of power when they are turned on.

3. Light switches not working properly

Shoddy workmanship, sub-standard or outdated products may cause the dimmer switches to not adjust light properly.

This often occurs when you move into a new house. You may find switches that won't seem to activate anything at all. The switches may have been superseded and fixtures removed.


4. Safety switch is tripping frequently

Safety switches are designed to protect us against electrocution and they measure any in balance of voltage within a circuit. If an appliance, outlet, or cabling is faulty it will trip out. It is highly recommended to press the test button on your safety switches frequently to make sure it is still working. If you are unsure if your safety switches are working and protecting your family and home call a master electrician and we will be glad to help you.

5. Circuit overload

Overloading of power boards is one of the biggest causes of frequent circuit breaker tripping. You may prevent circuit overload by following items:

- Never daisy-chain power boards
- Unplug devices that are not in use.
- Spread your electrical needs. Do not use a single circuit.
- Always be mindful of the way you connect devices.

6. Lights too bright or dim

It may be caused by different types of light with different wattages or colour temperatures. You should check that all the globes are the same. 

7. Electrical Shocks

If this ever happens do not take any further risk and call a local electrician immediately. Although they are usually mild or just like of a static shock, be mindful that electricity is still very dangerous when not probably utilised.

It may happen when you turn a device on or off. The problem could be with the appliance or could be in the wiring.

8. High electric bill

We recommend doing the following things in order to reduce the cost of your electrical bill:

- Call your provider to ask for a better deal & compare with other providers
- Purchase a power usage meter to monitor what is using so much power
- Patch leaks in hot water system
- Unplug chargers and appliances when not in use
- Call a local master electrician to do a health safety check

9. Light bulbs burning out too often

Reasons that you lights are burning out too often:

- Type of globe, halogen, incandescent & fluorescent do not last long
- Insulation is too close to the light
- Bad wiring on the circuit and mains
- Poor connection in the circuit

If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to get in touch. It is worth reaching out to a local master electrician to ensure your family and home is safe.